Avoid These Online Business Automation Mistakes

We’ve talked about how important it’s to require advantage of the web business secret which will offer you the foremost financial and time freedom possible! That secret is Automation.

Today, we’ll check out some common mistakes that folks make when bringing automation into their online business so you’ll save yourself problems by avoiding these automation mistakes.

Automation Mistakes

Automating your online business saves an excellent deal of your time , energy and headache. But it also can cause problems of its own when it’s left to run on total autopilot.

Before you go wild automating everything, here are the 4 biggest mistakes marketers make.

1. Don’t Automate What Shouldn’t Be Automated

There are certain tasks that simply shouldn’t be automated. The work you are doing on social media interacting with fans and building relationships with them can’t be done by technology. It needs the human touch.

Content creation and curation should never be automated. you would like to offer your fans content that’s unique, fresh and relevant. Never copy and paste content for them that they will find elsewhere and don’t let a software program choose content for you to share with them supported keywords or other factors.

If you employ a curation program, always inspect the content it gives you and add some comments of your own.

Finally, customer service should never be automated. Whenever a customer features a question or concern, a true person must be there to sort it out for them.

2. Lack of Due Diligence

Once you’ve got your automation programs in situ , you’ll allow them to do their thing. But when you’re choosing which tasks to automate and which tools to use, you would like to offer it your full attention.

Make sure each tool is basically what you would like . Read reviews carefully and ask people on webmaster forums for advice.

For each new program, give its full test period a spin and confirm it works for you. Don’t just buy the primary program you discover or the one that’s the foremost highly recommended by others.

And don’t buy one with a slew of features that you simply don’t need and can never use!

3. Failure to watch

Automation handles mundane tasks for you but this doesn’t mean you’ll set it and forget it. you would like to stay an eye fixed on what the program is doing and confirm it’s doing it right.

Most automation involves some oversight by you. once you automate back-linking, you would like to see out the sites to which you’re linking before the links go live.

When you automate content curation, you would like to read each article you propose to share together with your audience before it goes out.

4. Failure to check

Testing is another important a part of preventing automation disasters. for instance , scheduled email marketing is usually automated, but you ought to run a test for every message to form sure it appears the way it should to your subscribers.

Make sure you’re a subscriber on each of your lists so you’ll test everything.

In addition, confirm your email lists and segments are organized.

If you don’t concentrate to your email automation rules, you’ll find yourself with double sends where someone who has already purchased an item gets a message urging them to shop for it.

You may send two identical messages to an equivalent person through some glitch in your database.

Cutting Corners

Automation may be a tool that creates life easier for you and eliminates human error (if monitored), but it shouldn’t be wont to perform .

Never compromise the worth and quality you offer your market because it’s easier to possess technology roll in the hay for you.

Automation should be wont to replace an equivalent tasks you’re doing manually, not as a substitute permanently service.

Use automation carefully and wisely, but use it!

By taking the time up front to select the proper tools and obtain things found out correctly, you’ll buy yourself time freedom, make more sales, and impress your visitors and customers all at an equivalent time!

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